Available KnotChiseled pieces can be found at the following locations:

THE LOFT ON JOHNSON - Bay City, MIThe Loft On Johnson in Bay City, Michigan.


 The Northwood Gallery in Midland, MI


ATTENTION!!!  For a limited time only, the three pieces above are temporarily available at 30% off the list price!
The Northwood Gallery is in the middle of relocating up and across the street to 219 E. Main Street in Midland, MI.
As part of the move I have picked up these three pieces and they are currently in storage until the new location is ready.  This special offer is only available until the new gallery is ready.  The gallery is planning on being ready at the new location by early March.  So, if you’ve been keeping your eye on any one of these and you’d like the chance to purchase it at a great price, please feel free to contact me and we can set up a time you can take a look at it in person.  These will likely never be offered at this low of a price again.