At KnotChiseled, we take pride in crafting unique items that are as useful as they are beautiful.

When you purchase a KnotChiseled item we want you to be happy with your purchase long after you get it home.

While we try our best to select high quality components and take care while crafting our finished pieces, sometimes something may not work as intended.

Regardless of whether you purchase your piece from KnotChiseled directly or from one of our carefully selected retail partners, we want to ensure that no KnotChiseled customer is ever left with buyer’s remorse.

If you ever find your piece malfunctioning due to a manufacturing defect, please contact us so we can make it right.  We will be happy to arrange for shipment or pickup.  When it’s back in our shop we will fix your piece to like new condition and return it to you as soon as it is ready.  If we are unable to repair your piece, we will either issue a full refund of the original purchase price, or provide a replacement of similar value if we have one available that you like.

We take pride in building quality items.  If you ever have a problem with your KnotChiseled piece, please contact me directly at or at (989)600-2965 and I will personally make it right.

-Nate O’Shaughnessey (owner)