Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker


The body of this speaker is shaped from two pieces of solid, figured Red Maple dyed with a dark brown aniline dye.

-High quality 2-3/4″ full range drivers are built into fully independent sound chambers for a rich stereo experience that is surprisingly full from a portable speaker.

-Rechargeable 5Ah lithium ion battery provides plenty of play time through the high efficiency amplifier.  Battery is easily charged from nearly any USB port or with the included AC adapter.

-Easily connect your Bluetooth capable* audio source for a fully wireless listening experience.  Also, for lossless audio and an even longer batter life the 3.5mm input jack can be used to play from nearly any source with a headphone jack.

-Volume knob, input jack, Bluetooth power switch and USB charging jack are securely mounted to a machined aluminum panel on back of speaker for a secure, durable construction and clean aesthetics.

-Charge indicator light and Bluetooth status indication are flush built into the body on the rear of the speaker above the components panel to allow for clean, simple aesthetic on the front of the piece to take full advantage of the beauty of the wood without the distraction of blinking lights, knobs, jacks and screws.

To use with stereo input jack:
-Plug into headphone jack.
-Turn amplifier on and adjust volume with knob on back.

To use with Bluetooth:
-Turn Bluetooth receiver on with switch on back panel.
-When the blue light on rear begins blinking search for it and connect from your device.
-When connection is confirmed, the light will blink more slowly.
-Turn amplifier on and adjust volume with knob on back.

Speaker comes ready to listen.  Battery is charged and everything comes with the speaker.
Contents: 1 Main Speaker Unit, 1 standard 1/8″ stereo cable, 1 USB cable, 1 USB AC adapter for 120V wall outlets.

Speaker is 16″ long, 4-1/2″ tall and 4-1/4″ deep.

*tested with Apple iPhone 6 and several Android smart phones from LG and Motorola.