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The body of this speaker is shaped from locally found solid Red Maple.  This piece is perfect for taking beautifully simple sound on the go.
Brushed steel grills protect high quality, full range drivers that are built into independent sound chambers for a surprisingly rich sound.

Plenty of listening time is available, compliments a rechargeable 20wh lithium ion battery.  Battery is easily charged from nearly any USB port or with the included AC adapter.

USB charging jack and power switch are securely mounted to a machined aluminum panel on back of speaker for a secure, durable construction and clean aesthetics.

Charge indicator and Bluetooth status indication are flush built into the body on the bottom of the speaker to provide clean aesthetic and simple operation.

Speaker comes with standard, male to male usb cord for charging.  Can be charged with the included high quality wall charger or any other 5v USB power source with at least 1a capacity.

Speaker is compact and portable at 12″ long, 3.25″ tall and 3.5″ deep and weighs in at 3lbs.